Jessica Marie Brown is Herbalist, Healer and Artist living in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

She has been certified in Reiki by Maha Rose in Brooklyn, NY. She has been trained as an herbalist with The Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism in Subtle Herbalism and is a folk herbalist in her own right as being an apprentice for 8 months with Becky Beyer of Blood & Spicebush.  

Jessica spins and puts intention into the wool she works with to create one of a kind talismans to be filled with beings on the plant, stone and spirit world. Each knot in her macrame pieces is an intention in itself within hours of work.  Each piece is meant to find its unique owner. 

She has taught classes in Stone Medicine in New York and London.

Jessica sits with tea each morning in meditation and serves tea in ceremony. Being in service to tea is communing with the elements. Earht, Water, Fire and Air come together to create a feeling of grounding and calm and communion. 

She received her BA in Art History and Fine Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2011.